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Travelling with diabetes - What to take with you?

Lists... List! Yeah man. Got a fetish for lists? Than this will be heaven for you!

When I go on a holiday I make a list of stuff I need to take with me, so I don't forget anything. Also, because I like list and gives me a sense of order. Here are some general tips for travelling with diabetes, and what and how to take it with you!

Insulin - Hand luggage!
Well, first of all, very essential, is the insulin! I talked about keeping your insulin cool when travelling before, but I'm going to mention it briefly again. Aside from keeping your insulin cool, you should carry it with you when travelling by plane. Do not let it go into the luggage compartment because it can freeze.
Aside from freezing, if your luggage goes missing, you might have to wait a while before they find your bag. So, if you carry it in your hand luggage, you'll be fine!
Of course, you need to take extra insulin too. You might not always have access to insulin, so take a few ampuls extra with you!

Testers, needles and test strips
Again, the same here for hand luggage. Those test strips won't like freezing temperatures. I take one extra tester with me, a lot of extra needles, a lot of extra test strips and those cotton "thingies" for that first drop of blood.

Insulin pump
In the Netherlands you can ask for a spare insulin pump (or at least with Medtronic). Medtronic states that you have to ask this at least 4 weeks in advance. If your insulin pump fails, you get an extra one! Which is a very reassuring thought, because if I have to go back to injections I would be screwed.

Sometimes you might not know when (or what) exactly you are going to eat. I don't like to wait for it either, what if I am low? So I always carry two fruit juices with me, along with a couple of cookies.

My usual list
If you'd like to know what I pack this is it:


  • Spare holiday insulin pump and printed settings of my basal and ratios
  • Pump batteries
  • Second tester + batteries/charges
  • Needles
  • Extra quick serter
  • Cotton thingies for that first drop
  • Extra belt clip
  • Infusion sets + resevoirs
  • Food and juice packs

Hand luggage
  • Insulin
  • Test strips
  • Infusion set case (one infusion set, quick serter, battery for pump and one resevoir)
  • Grape sugar
  • More food and juice for one day

I hope this will give you an idea of your unsure of what to pack and to take with you. If you have any questions, please let me know!

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  1. I've got to say that I wouldn't have thought of the extra effort you would have to go through to travel with these things! This post will defs be really useful to a lot of people.