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Water bottle Ellipse - Rosti Mepal

Water bottle Ellipse
I wrote about waterbottles before, Aladdin vs Dopper, but since my Aladdin bottle was turning slightly... well... let's just say off white, it was time to get a new one!

I had to luck of ordering one that was leaking, and another one of which the lid wouldn't close, so I went to the stores and looked for an alternative. It was the Rosti Mepal bottle that I found. I have a few lunchboxes from Rosti Mepal, so I know the brand is good and BPA free too! This Ellipse water bottle was around €10,-, so a good price to. With 0,5 litres, it's also bigger than the Aladdin bottle, which held around 0,33 litres.

So far, it's good, it's not leaking whatsoever and seems pretty durable! I plan to use the Aladdin Aveo bottle for smoothies and such from now on, so I won't throw it away.

What kind of water bottle do you use?

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