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Update on comment system and blogger

Hi Guys!

Just a quick update!

I de installed Disqus, because comments wouldn't sync anymore. Unfortunately, that means I've lost over 8 months worth of comments! I am so bummed out by this, all your sweet comments... Still in Disqus, nowhere on my blog!

I've been eying Wordpress to, but since I don't make any money blogging, I don't want to invest in it. And the limited design and tweaks possible and doesn't help either. It's not like I can import my current tweaked time into Wordpress.

I'm so sorry for losing all your comments, I hope that by going back to the comment system of Blogger itself, it will be better!


  1. I had the same problem when I went from Blogger to Wordpress: all the Disqus comments are still on Disqus, but not on the blog anymore (YEARS worth of comments, so frustrating!). x

    1. I know right! Gash! But now I have to sort out comment notifications from blogger! Pff... Wish I never gone with Disqus!

  2. Yeah i had the disqus thing too! but it seems to all have resolved now for me actually.

    Jane / deluminators