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How to be Parisian - Wherever You Are

Sometimes, you got to try out new things. So when I came across the "How to be Parisian" in the Volkskrant magazine, it peaked my curiosity. Still, I am not one to follow trends or have much interest in fashion. When I later could pick up a copy for € 10,-, I decided, why not? So, let's look at "How to be A Parisian, where ever you are."
So, they say Parisian woman have something effortlessly chic about them. This book will tell you exactly what it is about them.
The book is written by four friends, Anne Berest (actress), Audrey Diwan (author), Caroline de Maigret (model) and Sophie Mas (producer). They were born and raised in Paris.
The books consist of several themed chapters, like beauty, attitude, ageing or lessons of life. It's well written and reads easily, and I don't think (or I don't hope) that is meant to be taken that seriously. For example, at some point they suggested to take up smoking!

Aside from that, I think it's funny to read, and it does have some valid lessons (always try to look your best, less is more). If you are a fashionista, I'm sure you will enjoy the book.

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  1. I've seen this book pop up everywhere and I thought it sounded like an arrogant book (and having been a Parisian myself, I know that Parisians are NOT role models!). I had no idea it was intended to be a fun book! That makes me feel a little better. :)

    1. That's originally what I thought too! Well, I sure hope not, because just like the smoking part, they talk about cheating too in a way, that I don't think is right!

  2. That sounds interesting! There are so many articles about being "Parisian", sounds like a cheeky take on the idea haha.