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Clothes shopping with an insulin pump

Imagine this. Wearing your insulin pump can get in the way when you go clothes shopping.

Normally, I wear my pump on my hip, attached to my belt with a clip. You can see it, and that's fine by me. I can acces it quickly, and it's the most convenient place for me to wear it.

When I go shopping for new clothes, mostly when it comes to dresses or jeans/pants, I have to put it somewhere else. That usually means I clip it to the collar of my shirt, or perhaps my bra strap if the shirt isn't strong enough.

And now, you're in that dressing room, trying on those jeans and it's not the right size. And the saleslady is no where to be seen. Crap. So, what do we do? We pull our shirt done, covering the not fully closed skirt or pant or dress and scurry back in the store to grab another size.

Wearing my insulin pump on my shirt. And apparently that always results in people asking me, if I can help them. (It always happens at the WE store though...) So, I am there, holding the zipper somewhat closed of a skirt, pump attached to the collar of my shirt, looking like a dear in headlights. "If I have another size at the back." "I'm sorry, I don't work here."

They look back, wondering if I'm crazy. Maybe they point to my pump, maybe they back up with a "Sorry" or they ask again.

That means I have to tell them again, "I don't work here." "But-" "That's my insulin pump." "Oh..." They wonder off, sometimes they ask more, but usually they look quizzical and leave. I hurry back with another size to the dressing room and then ofcourse the shop lady comes back. *sigh*

People called my insulin pump, here it comes;

  • a phone (even an Iphone!!)
  • a recording device
  • a beeper (I must be a surgeon then)
  • a walkie talkie

Have you experienced this? What do they call your insulin pump?

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