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Sky Garden London

London Sky Garden, Sky Garden
When I visited London I couldn't pass up for a visit to the Sky Garden. also because it is free. So, after carefully watching the online "plan your visit" and securing two tickets it was time to go. On a rainy Friday morning and some mad orientation skills we found the building and queued up.
So after a security check (Yay, my insulin pump didn't go off! x] ) you take the elevator up to the 35th floor, in just a few seconds you are on the top floor. Because of the inclining weather the doors weren't open at first to go outside, but luck was with us as the rain stopped. I stood on my toes to get the second last shot because there is glass outside too. (Probably so people don't fall/throw stuff).

It was quite cold inside too and we didn't stay to eat anything there. Instead, we got back in the underground and moved to the Borough Market, which will be my upcoming post.

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