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Food: Bibigo

bibigo dumplings
After strolling around all day we were quite hungry and we reserved a seat at Bibigo (Soho). I was curious to try Korean Food and Bibigo got good ratings on Tripadvisor.

We ordered:
- The Tofu & Chive Dumplings (cucumber, mushroom and tofu dumplings served with citrus soy sauce)
- Bibimbap with egg and beef
- Bibigo Goldfish and my friend had the Hoddeok (pancake)

I must say, for the two of us we paid roughly 80 pounds (including service fee). We had 3 servings and several glasses of water and my friend had somewhat of a cocktail. We loved the dumplings and the bibimbap was good too, but the deserts were a bit so so.
The service was a bit over the top as well, the kept asking us if we were good and the took the bottle from the table and refilled us constantly too. I can refill my own glass you know?! Not only that, they put my sparkling water into my friends bottle who had still water... Well...

The results:
Food: 3,5/5
Price: 3,5/5
Service: 3/5
Bibigo Website

Have you tried Korean Food before? What did you think of it?

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