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I still train - Tights nr 2

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Okay, so I have (momentarily) given up on training indoors. I can't be bothered, I just don't like it at all and running on a treadmill isn't my thing either. So, I am back at the weekly Sunday morning training in the park. Which, especially if it remains dry, is really nice! You get a work out and some fresh air! :]

Also, I think I am somewhat converted to tights! Yes. Never expected that too happen either! The only issue I have is that the real running tights usually are high waisted. I can't have that with my infusion set. So I end up buying the "Legendary" training tights from Nike, which are really nice and really don't move an inch at all. Squats? No problem. Sprinting? No problem. The downside is that they never seem to have any "stay warm" or "hyperwarm" versions. So it's getting a bit cold on the bicycle on the way to the park.

I know you might say just wear running tights a little lower, but then the crotch is also lowered and that looks and feels weird. Any one has any idea for running tights that aren't that high waisted?

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