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Chocolate Company - Hotchocspoon

Chocolate Company - Hotchocspoon
I blogged about the Chocolate Company before, but the other day when I went to Haarlem I visited their store. As much as I love their spoons, they never mentioned the carbs. Because you, I have T1D and I have to count carbs. So I also guessed it roughly which usually works out fine. How delighted I was when I saw that they (finally!) mention the carbs on the back! Read on to see it!

Chocolate Company - Hotchocspoon carbs, Chocolate Company - Hotchocspoon koolhydraten,
And dang. One spoon, so not yet counting the milk, is 23carbs! Well. With a guess of 30ish I came pretty close!

What do you do when you want to eat something but don't know the carbs? Are you a good guesser?

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