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Bond in Motion - The London Film Museum

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So what do you do when you are in London and your friend insist on visiting the Bond in Motion exhibition at the London Film Museum? Yes, you tag along. Also, for the underground stops of temple and embankment, the gate near the hotel and also cross all of the National Gallery just for the one paining of the "I see a bloody big boat".  Yes, that's what you do. Read on for the pretty fancy cars of the Bond movie Spectre!

if only you could actually do it on people who can't drive!
Do you know all the scenes?

The "shoot trough the manual" is my most memorable car scene in the bond movies.

james bond skyfall car
james bond BMW
Also, this scene where Bond controls the car with his phone.

james bond spectre rolls royce
What is your favourite car/scene from the James Bond movies?

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