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Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam - Part 3

Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
This is the Palm Greenhouse of the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam! This will also be the last post about the Hortus. I hope you enjoyed the previous posts and that you will enjoy this one too!

It feels very Victorian. The Palm Greenhouse can also be rented for weddings if you wish!

This palm grows in the open savannah's of Madagascar. It can reach up to 10 meters!

The Hortus Botanicus will set you back € 5,- if you are a student (or still own the card) and is very easy to reach by public transport. It's only a few metro/tram stops away from Amsterdam Central Station.

There is also quite a large garden in the Hortus, but I didn't took any picture of it. I am sure it will look lovely when it's in bloom in spring/summer.

Recommended? Yes! :]

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