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Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam - Part 1

glasvlinder, glassbutterfly, vlinderkas hortus amsterdam, butterfly greenhouse,
This is part 1 (of 3) from my visit to the Hortus Amsterdam, in this post you will see the Vlinderkas (Butterfly greenhouse) and the "tropical forest" of the 3 climate greenhouse. Read on for more!

This glass butterfly is absolutely lovely!

zebra vlinder, zebra butterfly, vlinderkas amsterdam, vlinderkas hortus,
This is the zebra butterfly.

This is the 3 climate zone greenhouse, pictured is the first zone. I'm standing on the hanging stairs, which you can see in the upperleft as well. If you follow them you end up in zone 2, the tropical forest.

It indeed felt quite tropical, it was humid and moist. I feared a bit for my camera to be honest, because I wouldn't want to fog up the sensor. The butterfly green house was even more humid and warm, so I put the camera back in my backpack before I headed out (in normal temperature outdoors) and opened the camera back in the greenhouse.

I dub theh the nipple three x]

Part 2; the desert zone and part 3 the Palm Greenhouse coming up! :]

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