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Glow Eindhoven 2015

Diplopia Catharina Kerk
 It is time for "Glow" in Eindhoven! November 7th till the 14th Eindhoven is glowing in light. Read on for more wacky 3D Churches, dandelions and more.

Diplopia Catharina Kerk eindhoven glow
 This is the Catharina Church, the 3D art show is called "Diplopia". You could buy 3D glasses for € 1,-, together with the music it looked pretty awesome. They even made it look like the church spun around itself.

Catharinakerk eindhoven glow
catharina kerk glow
diplopia glow eindhoven
dia de muertos, glow eindhoven, dia de muertos projektil
"Dia de muertos"

IL GIARDINO INCANTATO, IL GIARDINO INCANTATO glow eindhoven, luminarie de cagna eindhoven glow
Olivia d’Aboville eindhoven glow, giant dandelions
These Giant Dandelions, all 90 of them, are made of almost 9.000 recycled waterbottles.

kroonlichters glow eindhoven, cultuurstation eindhoven glow,
These chandeliers are made together; 40 schools, 30 teachers, 112 classes and 2.500 students. These chandaliers are a "insect hotel".

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  1. For me it was still 2D since I didn't buy the glasses :p (Nor a 3D camera)