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Japanse Tuin Den Haag

Early Saturday morning I left for the Japanese garden in The Hague, on the Clingendeal estate. I was excited to go and I hoped the weather was fine! While it wasn't as sunny as I'd hoped, the weather was nice. And the garden? Well... you have to read on to find out!
This photo is taken at the middle of the garden, you can walk around the small building for a bit, and that's pretty much it! The garden is actually much smaller than you might think!

View at the very back of the garden, behind the building.
While it was nice and the estate itself it's pretty huge, I wouldn't recommend you to go all the way to The Hague just for the Japanese garden. It really is too small for it. However, if you walk around the estate for a while and then have lunch or go to the town itself it's nice. The garden is opened only a few weeks each year, and is free to enter.

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