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Coconut Oil Chocolates - Eat your kimchi

>w<! Yikes! These coconut oil chocolates were made from a recipie of Eat Your Kimchi. And boy... They were dark chocolates alright! As dark as my soul. Just kidding. If you like to try it, because it's very simple, I do suggest some alterations to the recipe. So click on for more!

So I followed the original recipe for most part, but I only used walnuts and almonds. I didn't add cranberry's (don't like those) but if I would make it again, I would change it up a bit. And I will share it with you now...

My tips would be:
  • Adding more honey. A lot more.
  • Melt it au bain-marie. Because it will really, really be too hot, even on medium heat and you will burn the chocolate.
The original recipe is here: coconut oil chocolate.

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