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An anfternoon in Den Haag - The what the?

James Bond in de metro, james bond metro, metro den haag
 I spent a day in Den Haag (The Hague) and after a trip to the Japanse Garden (more on that later), I decided to go do some "shopping". While I didn't buy anything, I certaintly had many "what the?" moments during the afternoon. I start with my favourite, with James Bond "in the metro", but let me tell you, it will get stranger. Prepare for "underwater-shark-car-boat" and "city safari. You are warned! ;]
scubabianchi, de betovering den haag,
This self-driving car was blasting his horn, and every once in a while, it would play the "jaw tune", open the bonnet and show the sharks while spraying you with water! I have no clue of what exactly it was doing in the middle of Den Haag, in the middle of the shops, but nonetheless quite entertaining.

den haag stad safari
den haag stad safari
Another thing was the city safari, in which they first "imitated" a "a male in the wild" (the guy with the banana) and claimed it was a "tame one" because it shared it's banana. Then, out of nowhere, they grabbed the last guy by it's neck, "drugged" it with a cloth and showed there victory. They even checked his teeth, saying it was an "omnivore" and showed the little girls it was a male by it's "tummy hair".

Yeah. I'm not making this up either! What was your latest WTF moment?

Two more post about Den Haag, the Japanse garden and more of the city coming up! :]

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