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Welcome to Alkmaar (Part 2 of 2)

It says: "till next time, the old town"
It's part two of Alkmaar! Read on for some quirky things, classical music concert and the number one place to get icecream in Alkmaar!

It's a pizza cutter!
"No bikes"
Every year there a 3 classical concerts, the "Lindagracht concerten". There are free to visit, thus they are quite crowded! You can also combine it with dinner at the restaurant which is right next to it. As you can see, they were just setting things up and preparing for the concerts, which would start at 9PM. (It was around 7PM when we were there).

ijssalon de laan, ijs de laan, ijssalon de laan alkmaar,
The best ice is defintly the icecream of "De Laan / Laan ijs". Is soft ice, and my favourite is the one with the chocolate dip. Because the ice is so fresh, I am never to able to eat it without spilling something, but oh well, it's just that good ;]
I hope you enjoyed it!

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