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Welcome to Alkmaar (Part 1 of 2)

Welcome to Alkmaar, the city of cheese. Really I mean it. Every Friday in the summer there is the cheese market. The cheesemarket is every Friday from April till September.
The picture above shows the "Waaggebouw", "Waag Toren", which dates from the 14th century!
Since I didn't want to be in-between all the tourists, I decided to take some snaps, early in the morning, on a lovely day!

The famous "huis met de kogel"/"house with the canon ball". It was 1573 when Alkmaar was under siege by the Spanish! Alkmaar was the first town to successfully chase away the Spanish! It is still celebrated every October the 8th, which is a free day for everyone living in Alkmaar.

 The "Grote Kerk" (Big church)

The "Molen van Piet", mill of Piet. Dates from 1769.
I hope you enjoyed it! Next posts will show you some quirky things I found in Alkmaar.

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