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Podium onder de Boom

Podium onder de Boom / Stage under the tree is a free festival in Alkmaar, cultuurpark de Hout. Every artist has a tree beneath they play their set. You can see the fabric hanging from the tree? Well, that's their stage. Some of the artists played fully acoustic.

Compagnie DaaD 'Benu'
Compagnie DaaD 'Benu'
The Fenix/Phoenix installation.
Podium onder de Boom alkmaar
Podium onder de Boom alkmaar de hout
Podium onder de Boom cultuurpark de hout
Podium onder de Boom Alkmaar
Jyoti Verhoeff podium onder de boom
This is one of those "street photography" pictures, we got a random dog, the two artist, a fat guy in the back pouring booze into his water/soda bottle. All in a days work.
Jyoti Verhoeff
The small festival was visited by young, old, dogs (I saw a lot of them) and everything in-between. It was a lovely day for the festival, as it was warm, but not as hot as today. And if you don't like the sun, the trees gave a comforting shade.

Different artists played and I saw only two, because I didn't stay the whole day. The lady in the last two pictures is "Jyoti Verhoeff", and she gathered quite a crowd and an applause too. Well deserved I'd say.

Are there any local festivals in your area? 

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