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Funfair 2015 - After dinner

And were back with the last two parts! This part is the evening part... Or well, more after dinner part ;] Read on for a dad rethinking his life choices in the catapult, funfair folks on cellphones and more!
Oh, and a little hint for the night pictures: they're pretty rad! So stay tuned!

Also, these stickers are getting ridiculous, I've seen too many girls wearing it on their breasts. And also, the funfair folks are the ones sticking them on... Eh...Say what? 

You got to keep yourself occupied. I swear, this year is the year of funfair folks on their phones! I've seen it so often!

I especially "like" the part on the technical info where it says: "safety: 100%". Like... What? O_o Is there a 90% safety????

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