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Amfibievoertuigenshow - (Amphibious vehicle show)

Is it a car? Is it a boat? No it's, supercar-boat! .... No, just kidding. These are amphibious vehicles and about 80 of them came to town! Oh dear! Read on for parking problems, vehicles so tall you need a ladder to get out and more!

Well mannered!
As if it's nothing unusual to drive your car on the water.
"Dude, where do I park?"
Amfibievoertuigenshow Alkmaar
Amfibievoertuigenshow Alkmaar 2015
This Volvo was a bit odd next to the oldtimers or WWII vehicles.
On Friday, August the 7th, Alkmaar was home for 80 amphibious vehicles. Twenty vehicles came by water, the others by land. The amphibious vehicles ranged from those who fought in WWII, homemade DIY and cars made by the amphibious lovers. "Amphih Amsterdam 2015" is the name of the club, which has several meetings throughout Europe. This year, the owners gather in the Ijhaven, from there, they will drive/sail a certain route. So, if you want to see them, do a Google search and perhaps they will drive/sail to your town too!

Have you ever seen amphibious vehicles?

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