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What's My Bag: Vaude PETali Navy Review

Vaude PETali Navy Review
As most school kids "back in the day", I had an Eastpak. My first one lasted true secundairy school, but then I wanted another one, a grey one (no more pink...). So, I got one with a laptop part too. However, that one didn't last so long, one of the straps basically started falling apart from the inside. So ever since then I wanted a new backpack. I had the Jack Wolfskin Covent Garden, which style I still really like, but I wanted one with more room in the front. So after some more googling, I faund a bag from Vaude.
This bag is eco friendly, as the Vaude PETali backpack is made from plastic bottles. Recycling, yay baby!  Aside from that, the bag is roomy, has two elastic inserts at the sides (great for my Aladdin bottle!), and the main compartment is also divided halfway with slight cushioning.
And after carrying it around in the Efteling all day, I can safely say it's comfortable, stays cool in the sun and stores again a lot. (Because it was hotter then expected, the bag held my coat, a vest, a lot of food, other necessities, my sunglasses (they won't stay on in the rollercoasters) and much more! ;] )

Only two downsides, the straps are adjustable, and that's fine. But the straps are too adjustable, I am 167cm, and the end of the bag is around my hips, but the grey parts of the straps are quite long. (I am sorry, but I don't really know the word for it?)
And number two, the zipper "handles" are quite small too, had to get used to it. But again, I think thieves might get used to it too. And if I stuff them behind my water bottle, you can't really find the "handles" for the main compartment!

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