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Kunstmarkten Bergen

kunstmarkt bergen, redmer hoekstra
On Thursday evening in Bergen is the Kunstmarkt. It will be held every Thursday from 5PM till 9PM during the summer holiday. Read on for more on the Kunstmarkt/Artfair and more nice art!
The guy in the first picture was kind enough to hold his print, I bought 3 small cards from him. I really liked his artwork. If you want to buy/view it too: Redmer Hoekstra

The kunstmarkt is held around the old church in Bergen.

Even the art is interesting for dogs ;]

I really liked these ones too, they are from Harry Hadders.

It says: Heartwarming coffees at the top.
Bonus: supercute dog! :]

Have you visited the kunstmarkt or a local artfair in your town?

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