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Why You Really Need A Sports Bra

Quite often I see ladies working out without a proper sports bra. Either they are wearing their regular bra, or a not supportive enough sports bra. And ladies, if you think you don't need one, keep on reading!

Both small and big breasts need support. If a bra doesn't support your breast enough during a work out, your breast tissue might stretch beyond repair. And that isn't nice, because your breast will sag.
A normal bra only reduces movement of your breast with 35%. A good sports bra reduces movement with 74%!. Not only does it give you support, but they are often made of sweat wicking material (no cotton) and they try to reduce chaffing.
Tips for buying a sports bra
  1. Decide for what activity level you need one. Yoga? A low/medium support would be fine. Running? Maximum support.
  2. Is the fit correct? It should fit snug, but not to tight. Raise your arms, if the brand creeps up, it's too loose. And the cups? Wrinkled, just fine or do you have too much space left?
  3. Do you like the fabric? Does it have seams? Seams can cause chaffing. Is it made from the right material and not from cotton?
  4. Jump up and down in the fitting room. They stay put? Good. No? Try another one.

I have tried several sports bra's. The ones in the picture are (left to right), a medium impact bra from Hunkemoller, high impact from Hunkemoller and a medium one from Shock Absorber.
The middle one is the most supportive, so I wear that when I run. Only downside, the padding can be removed, so after washing it I have to spend a few minutes trying to get the pads back in place...
The other two are used for fitness and anything else.

My "demands" when I am choosing a sports bra are simply, but apparently hard to find. It must support me, have some padding that can't be removed, cross straps and a clip at the back for easy on/off.

So I tried the Nike Pro Hero bra, and I would have loved it, but for two things: I wanted cross straps and since the bra is very supportive, the sides are higher too. I was afraid my right armpit would get grazed. Other than that, the bra fitted great, looked good and very comfy too. I mentioned this in a review on the Pro Hero bra too, and Nike contacted me about it. So hopefully then make a bra like their rival line, but one that you can open at the back.

What is your sports bra of choice? Why?

And if you're not convinced (yet), just watch this (slightly cheesy) commercial below!


  1. I should buy a sport bra too for my yoga practices :P
    thanks for the tips!

  2. I've tried numerous sports bras (and jumped in many fitting rooms) throughout the years, until I gave the Shock Absorber a go. Best sports bra I've ever owned. :)

    Great tips and loving the video!

  3. You're welcome!

    Tip: Koop hem NIET bij, maar bij een lokale lingerie of sportwinkel. Of een betrouwbare webshop! :]

  4. I heard great things about the SA, but they miss the padding for me :x

    It must be really funny for an outsider to see someone jumping in the fitting room! :p