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The Ultimate How To Start Running Guide - Core Stability

So, have you started with the ultimate how to start to run schedule? Good, because the next thing to do is core training.

Core stability in essential for a runner. You might think your legs do all the work, but that’s not true. Every movement starts at the core. Every muscle is connected, so it’s important that these muscles work well together. A strong core gives you strength and stability.

And what exactly is my core?
Core muscles consist of the butt muscles, hip muscles, hamstrings, stomach (your six pack ;] ) and your back muscles. By training these on a regularly base you will be less susceptible to injuries. You will also get stronger, which will make running easier for you. And not just for running, but in everyday life too. A better posture and less effort to do things.

Several core stability exercises;
  • Planking: You probably saw it coming, but planking is a great exercise. Lay down on your belly, support your weight on your arms and place your feet vertically on the ground. You can also do it sideways on one arm.
  • Superman: Kneel on the floor and raise your left leg and right arm (or vice versa). Extend your leg back and arm forward. Maintain form, or make it dynamic by retreating your arm and leg to under your stomach. (Do not let them touch!)
  • Back exercise: Lay down on your belly. Reach out your arms in front of you, keep your head down. Tighten your back and butt muscles, lifting your legs, shoulders and arms off the ground. Hold the position.
  • Leg raises: Lay down on your back. Raise your legs up until they are vertical. Slowly let them down (but do not touch the ground) and back up. Repeat.
  • Stability Ball: Ofcourse you can also use a stability ball to practice, some examples in the image above. My "favourite" would be to go in a push up position, and then stand on your toes on the ball and bring your butt up in the air and the ball moves forward too. (You look like a ^ ).

Need more visual? Here a list of films or images to help you out:

Dutchies: Core-stabilityoefeningen-rompstabiliteit
English: Core Stability

Want to ask me a question? Want me to add your favourite exercise? Drop a comment below! :]


  1. I went to a core stability class at the beginning of the year (the whole class is with a stability ball) but my back really didn't like it. So I'm sticking to basics now. Getting better at planks too. It takes times, but it really is effective.

  2. How long can you plank? My max is 1 minute XD

    It's too bad really ^^"

  3. I'm not much better! My max is 1 minute 30 (although I've lost it a little bit recently because of exercising less these past few months). But I used to hold a plank no more than 15 seconds before, so this is way better. :)