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Sights of Gent Part 2

Groot vleeshuis gent, groot vleeshuis
This will be my last post about Belgium! I had a good time and a big thanks to my internship company for paying for it!

On one of the last days I had a few hours in the morning before I was picked up. These "Cuberdon" also called "Gentse Neuzen" (Gent's noses) are quite famous. And as you can see, it are two carts next to each other. And yes, they have been in the news becasuse they have been fighting. *sigh* 
I didn't buy any of them though. Didn't look that appetizing to me.

Sint-Annakerk voorkant,
This is the Sint-Annakerk / Sint Anna church. It was the church I saw everytime when we (me and my collegue) entered Gent. My collegue dropped me off at the b&b and it was quite a distance to walk. I ended up using one of the less bad bikes the b&b had. And, *first world problem*, damn, that bike sucked compared to my own.

graffiti Ghent, graffitie gent
Some nice graffiti!

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  1. I love how The Phone House clashes with the rest in that second photo! It looks like a movie set gone wrong. :)

  2. Now that you mention it, I agree! :p