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Living Statue Contest Winkelcentrum De Mare

Last Saturday was the living statue contest in Winkelcentrum de Mare. The contest consisted of a few pro's, youngster and even younger kids. Some of the statues remained still, while the others every now and then moved. Let me show you some of my favourites!

This "elsa" was the first one to show up, but the couldn't handle her make up due to allergies. She later removed some of her make up around her eye.

This girl was 11 and made her costume herself, it looked pretty badass!

This guy was great! It looked at passerby's like that and was fun to photograph too :p

This last guy sometimes scared a few kids, but the kids were also touching his display so I can't argue with that!

Have you ever seen living statues?


  1. A living statue competition! Awesome haha I love seeing them.

  2. This is amazing! I didn't even know living statue competitions existed. :) I love the pictures. Loving that little fairy/elf!
    I've always admired people who do this when I see them on the street. I wouldn't have the patience.

    When we were in London I was amazed at how all the "living statues" were using the "floating" trend now. We only saw Yodas and such, and almost not a single one "normal" statue. It was fun when it first started, but it's getting a bit old once you've seen twenty of them in the same place (*cough* National Gallery *cough*). :)

  3. Thanks!

    Do you mean something like they look as if they are sitting down, but without a chair etc?

    Can you help me out too? Do the pictures on your end look sharp or not? I saw it on another computer and I found the sharpness pretty bad :x
    Might be picasa but I don't know. Any help is appreciated :]

  4. Are they common in your area?

  5. Yes, the "levitation" statues. :)

    Your pictures do look clean and sharp, at least on my side.
    I had the same problem these past few weeks though (before I migrated to Wordpress). I have no idea why, but the quality wasn't good once published. The pictures looked great in my draft, but lost their sharpness once on the blog.

  6. *sigh* I guess it's really time for a move! Maybe it's another "smart" update from Picasa Webalbums. Earlier they "enhanced" your pictures completely...

    But I can't come up with another name :x It really is the hardest thing to do, coming up with a good blogger name :x