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Daily Lols: The Thesis Edition

Let's face it. If you are a graduate, you've been there! Writing your bachelor/master thesis! Do you remember any of this or did you have a different approach?

90% bullshit gif
You make some stuff up. 'cause you know, it works and it's true but you got no data to back it up.

sigh gif, barney gif,
Then you get feedback and re-do the whole damn thing (or at least a big part!)

fuck you gif, flipping off gif
So you change it, and it's still not good. You are beginning to hate that thesis now.

mad gif, aaah gif,
Perhaps get a little nervous about the deadline.

snow white high five
After several attempts and weeks of hard work, it's done. You got a go! Hell yeah!

george clooney tl;dr, tl;dr gif,
Then you realise you have to print that shit out. Both reports. And each one twice. Only to realise the exam committee will not look at it any more than TL;DR.

prince of persia gif, prince of persia jake gif,
Really? Like, couldn't they read it digitally? Saves a tree!

Nevertheless, you go to the exam committee like a boss. You're going to ace this!

oooh shit gif
Defending your thesis in front of the committee and they ask all difficult questions.

brad pitt kiss gif
And if you're done, you're either like this or...

50cent gif, 50 cent gif
See you f*ckers!

Recognise any of this? Or was it completely different? Did you went straight to work? Or went for a master degree?

These images may or may not represented the authors state of mind and may be exaggerated.


  1. That was very well-described. Right on point! I haven't experienced this, and I'm kinda grateful when reading this. :)
    Congrats on all the good work!

  2. I am almost done. I am waiting for the answer if I can hand in my thesis next week or not. :x

    Hehe, I didn't have that much trouble with it, but one of my classmates was crying...