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Born To Run – Christopher McDougall (Book Review)

Because of my own injury I have been researching a lot about the “right” way to run, “good” shoes and so on.
I came across Christopher’s “Born to Run”, “the hidden tribe, the ultra-runners, and the greatest race the world has never seen”. I have never read a running book before, but why the heck not?

And I must say, it was quite a joy to read. It starts with Christopher being injured, seeing several doctors, but none can answer the question “why does my foot hurt?”. In search of an answer Christopher goes to Mexico, to the Tarahumara, who run all day, on nothing more than rubber sandals and corn. Without any injuries at all and smiling the whole way.
From the science labs in Harved, to prehistoric hunters and crazy ultra runners, he covers them all until he stops at a match between the best (ultra)runners in the world.

Christopher also covers nutrition, from salad for breakfast to the two ultra runners who drink mountain dew and pizza in the middle of the races, but also a vegetarian diet.
According to him, the day he learnt to run lightly and gently on the balls of his feet, he never had an injury anymore.

The book reads like a big adventure, with some science thrown in every now and then.

A few downsides is the book comes across as “all running shoes are bad”. While the scientific world hasn’t actually come to a conclusion on that, you might want to consider a few things. The Tarahumara tribe has always been running, from kids to seniors. They all run. It might not be the smartest idea to run barefoot if you aren’t used to it. And the concrete is quite different from the sand and rocks in the canyons too. If you got motivated to run barefoot or ditch the traditional shoes, be sure to ease into it!

Worth to read? Yes, it makes you want to go get out for a run!


  1. It sounds really interesting! My sister loves running barefoot or with "barefoot" running shoes, at least from time to time. I've never tried it. Like you said, we aren't used to it, so it would take some time for our feet and body getting used to this. Loved your review! I will definitely take a look at this book.

    If you're looking for other running books, I loved The Lazy Runner, by Laura Fountain (who is also a really fun running blogger):

  2. Thanks for the link, will check it out :]