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Tulip Fields Holland - Tulpen Velden Holland

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For a short period the green flat meadows in Holland turn a rainbow of lovely colours. Deep red, yellow, white, a combination of colours. It is oh so lovely, and it smells great too! On Kings Day I avoided the markets and cycled 40k to find several tulip fields were I could take some pictures in peace. I did find them, but I wasn't the only one who came up with the idea. Take a look below for more lovely pictures of the tulip fields!

Pink tulips, roze tulp,
Is there a flower in your area that's very typical?  Which one is it?


  1. 40k? Wow! And what stunning pictures! The colours are amazing. I've never seen a tulip field. The only tulips I see are in parks or in flower shops. :)

  2. i wish i were there!!!! so pretty.

  3. Don't forget about this: My Bike

    Thank you! You should come to Holland then next year! :]