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Sights of Gent Part 1

I think I never really properly mentioned the reason why I went to Belgium in the first place. For my bachelor thesis I had to interview several customers. And in Belgium, because my thesis is about Belgium. And I only stayed in the Flemish part of Belgium, because I can't speak French. (Would be very difficult to hold an interview in French, and to transcribe it afterwards!)

I spent a total of 4 days in Belgium and I travelled by Thalys. The company paid for the stay, food and train ticket. And since you don't come knocking after dinner by your customers, I had the evenings off to do whatever I liked. I stayed in an airb&b in the middle of Gent. The castle Gravensteen was less then a seven minute walk! Nice!

St Michiels Kerk bij nacht, St Michiels Church at night
Sint-Niklaaskerk, Saint Niklaas church
Belfort van Gent, Belfry of Gent
Belfort van Gent toren, Belfry of Ghent tower,
Ghent Town Hall Botermarkt, Stadhuis van Gent, Stadhuis Gent botermarkt zijde,
Stadhuis van Gent, Town Hall Ghent Hoogpoort,
The two pictures above are from the city hall in Gent. It is made out of two styles. It has a flamboyant Gothic style and a sober Renaissance style.

Sint-Jacobskerk, saint jacobskerk,
Vrijdagmarkt Gent,  Jacob van Artevelde standbeeld vrijdagmarkt, Jacob van Artevelde statue in Ghent
Every evening I stayed out till around 10 'o' clock. That was the time I found right to go back home, because after all, I was alone and I might have looked a bit touristy.

Because I couldn't find as many customers (not only from my company but others too) that were willing to let me visit for an interview, I sometimes had a midday for myself too. That's why not all the pictures are taken at dusk. I visisted both Gent and Antwerp in my spare time and I must say I really like Gent. It felt nice and cosy. But a weekend would be more enough to walk around Gent I'd say. After four evenings (and not everything is open at night of course) I had seen quite enough.

One more sights of Gent post will come, and that will be the end of my Belgium adventure! I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. The boss paying your entire trip including accommodation and
    stay! I want it too :P Lovely shots of Ghent you have here c:

  2. Sounds like the perfect work/holiday. :) That first picture with the sunset reflecting on the rails is gorgeous.