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I Train

Nike Woven Bliss Training Pants, Nike Dri-FIT Ultralite Running Shirt, Nike Free 5.0 2015.
If it isn't as hot in the gym room, this is my favourite. I just got them. It's a slightly baggy pair of training pants, (I don't want to wear tights, too self conscious). I like them, but I must admit they are very static, and somehow seem to attract white spots after washing them, no matter how much or little wash detergent I use, or how stuffed (or not) the washing machine is. I can get rid of the sports, after washing the pants without any other items, and no wash detergent at all. but it's a bit odd. So beware! But beside that, it's really nice and comfy!

The shirt, also static, but oh I love it! The top front is mesh, and so as a part of the back. It's very breezy, (but not see trough like the "Breezy" tops from Nike), so it's a great top! Not only for training, but definitely for running later too!

Want to buy it? Nike Woven Bliss Training Pants, Nike Dri-FIT Ultralite Running ShirtNike Free 5.0 2015.

No, I am not sponsored by Nike. Though I wouldn't mind ;]
Do you like tights (to train/run in?) Or do you rather wear something baggy?


  1. I used to hate wearing tight sports pants, but now it's all I wear! I find them more practical to run/exercise in. Although I asmit I still feel a little self-conscious wearing them. :)

  2. This is so true!
    I am fairly sure that tights are great for running (unless it's that hot, then I am wearing shorts), but I just can't get over myself in tights. Doesn't help that I don't like them in plain back but prefer some colour/print!

    How is your holiday going? :]

  3. Hm right now I wear mid-length tight shorts, I would prefer baggy but for some reason at the time I could only find the shorts with the built-in briefs which I thought would make sizing harder?

  4. Could you be a little more specific about the shorts?

    Perhaps you can try the "Tempo" shorts of them, they are comfy and have a small waistband that doesn't dig in. They have a built in brief as well.

  5. I got back home yesterday (sadly!). I had a great time and am happily tired. :)

  6. Time is always short on a lovely trip :]