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I Train: Stay Cool - Nike

Elastika 2.0 Training Top, Modern Embossed Temp Shorts, Nike Free 5.0 2015
Since I can't run, I want to train. Never was I really a fan to do so, but atleast I am doing something, taking my mind of things and working on improvement. Not only of my shins, but in generally, a little bit of core stability can't hurt!

And guess what? After a couple of weeks trying, I can stand on my hands! Okay, so I still need to do it against a wall because I might fall over. But, hey, I was never able to do it, and now I can! :D

A downside to the training is that the gym (it's a small gym, behind the physiotherapy practice) can get very hot. To stay cool, I go for light and breezy materials. I don't like the Nike's Breezy shirts/tops, but they are a bit too see-trough for my liking.
Of course, when I can run, this outfit will do just fine.

Want to buy it? Elastika 2.0 Training Top, Modern Embossed Temp Shorts, Nike Free 5.0 2015

No, I am not sponsored by Nike. Though I wouldn't mind ;]

What's your current favourite or best ever training outfit?


  1. This top looks great! I like breezy materials too.
    Congrats on the headstand! So exciting! How did you train for it?

  2. Wooo congratulations with pulling off the handstand c:
    Nice train/run outfit you have here as well! Xx

  3. Well, I did push ups. And then together with my training I got in a sort of push up/planking position. And he then would lift me up at my ankles and push me up untill I was almost standing on my hands straight.
    Then my dad mentioned, "you can do that differently, just throw your legs up", so I did and he would either catch me and tilt me further, or stop me from toppling over.
    And after that, I just try to do one up against the wall and it works! :D

    I hope I made myself clear, it's a bit difficult to explain, would be easier if I did it in Dutch, but then you wouldn't understand! (Or can you understand Dutch?)

  4. It was perfectly clear, thanks! I don't understand Dutch (but I wish I did)!