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Drukmeting compartimentsyndroom (Compartment Pressure Measurement)

So, on the first of May, it was my (not so) lucky day. It was time for the compartment pressure test. I have to tell you about it.

We (thankfully my dad came with me) drove almost two hours to Sport Max in Veldhoven. My test was scheduled at 13:00. And, boy, I got really, really nervous.
I had to go in the room alone, because of a "virus" in the hospital. (I'll get back on that later).

The doctor, and the very nice assistant, told me about the procedure. She would ask me questions about my troubles, what I'd done before and so on. She then checked my leg. My leg indeed felt tight. Since my right leg is the most painful one, she would test that one.

I had two compartments tested, the deep compartment (seen on the left) and the shallow compartment (right hump). I got locally anaesthetized first. The wasn't nice either as I really felt the pressure built up. After that kicked in, it was really time. And boy, I am telling you the truth, the needle was almost as long as her hand! It has to get all the way to the muscle anyway. Shit! Why did I see that? It didn't help my nerves. And let me tell you, it really, really was painful. 

After the needle got all the way, the removed it, and the tubing would stay. And they hooked the tubing up to a machine.

A resting pressure of less than 8 hg is normal, above 15 abnormal. I was 18/19 (I think). They unhooked me, and I had to run. So I ran, and let me tell you, that feels really, really weird!
After a couple of minutes, they told me to lay down again and we got back to testing. Something went wrong, and I had to run another couple of minutes. Great.
They tested it again, straight after I stopped running. Still 18/19. They said my resting pressure was so high due to my nerves. According to this test, I do not have compartment syndrome.

Well, of course that's nice, I mean no surgery and all that, but then what the ##&*^%$$%&*^ do I have? And most importantly, how the &^#%$@ do I get rid of it!?!?!

Perhaps it would be shin splints, or periostitis. But what more could I try? I have tried pretty much everything. So now what? I am going back to the sports doctor, and see if he has any idea's. I think he will mention "shock wave" again, where the first time I saw him, he also mentioned I should bring something to bite on, because it would hurt. Great.
The lady who did the test said something about sensitive nerves and capillaries, and they told me they would something inject pure sugar into the leg. (Also I quote: "with more flexible and thinner needles"). Hm... I don't know.

She also said that I should practice another sport. If I wasn't in such a state, I would have made it very clear that I already have stopped running and it still hurts. That even the brisk walk of 30 minutes during lunch time with collegues is to much. How does changing sport help? It already affects my daily life. 

My doubts about the procedure:
Did I not run enough?
Could it be a false measurement?

Other things about the procedure:
So my dad couldn't be with me because the wanted to limit the risk of infection. But atleast 10 times people came in with "He/she called" or "Peter has emailed you" or whatever. How the BLOODY hell does that help? I needed some support there, alright?!

And also, the lady said I could do everything normally again the next day. I took me till Sunday before I could walk down the stairs without too much pain. And still the area is very sensitive.

And, I do really want to thank you guys for wishing me the best and all, I really appreciate it!


  1. I'm so sorry you had to go through all this! What a terrible procedure. You've been really brave.
    The result is encouraging, but the 'not-knowing' part must feel horrible. Especially with them saying you should have a go at other sports.

    I hope someone will find out what the problem is and that you'll be able to go back to running soon. Wishing you all the best.

  2. Thank you again for your kind words Charlotte! I really appreciate it!

    I hope the measurment was correct, (so a) I don't have to do it again, or b) unknown to me keep walking around with it till no end!).