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Poldertuin Anna Paulowna - Klein Keukenhof

Poldertuin Anna Paulowna bloemen, Poldertuin Anna Paulowna - Klein Keukenhof tulpen,
Some shoots of the "poldertuin" (polder garden) at Anna Paulowna. It was a sunny day and the garden smelt lovely!

Toronto Tulip, Toronto blowm, Toronto tulp, poldertuin tulpen
Rosy Delight Tulip, close up photograhphy flowers, rosy delight tulp, rosy delight poldertuin, tulip and insect
Flair Tulip, Flair Tulp, poldertuin tulp, close up flower and insect
Poldertuin Anna Paulowna - Klein Keukenhof
We spent an hour taking pictures, and these are my best. Tree of them are with my usual lens, two of them are with a zoom lens, which is a lot better at the job then mine, because you weren't allowed to go between the plants. You had to stay on the tracks. Sigh. Then my non zoom lens is a bit short! Oh well, it was great to see a the lovely colours popping up!

Have you visited a garden lately?


  1. gorgeous! i bet the garden is pretty. i would love to spend the time there too