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Graslei & Korenlei (België / Belgium)

Graslei and Korenlei, Graslei en Korenlei,
The famous site of Gent, the Graslei & Korenlei!

Sights of Gent, uitzicht Gent, oude vismijn
Sint-Michielsbrug, Sint-Michiels bridge
Sint Michiels Kerk
The Sint Michiels Kerk / Sint Michiels Church. Don't worry, the weather wasn;t that bad, I was just playing around with the filters on my camera. In fact, I had very good weather during the week I stayed in Belgium.

Graslei, Sint-Michielsbrug, Sint-Michiels bridge graslei
Graslei site,
Sint Niklaaskerk, Voormalig Postgebouw Gent, Former Post Office Gent, Sint-Michielsbrug
Korenlei, Sint Michiels Kerk en de korenlei
Shots taken early in the morning, evening and midday. I think I walked around them for at least 5 times in my spare time! ;)

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  1. It's so beautiful!
    And I love the filter tou played with! It makes it look very dramatic. :)

  2. This looks like a pretty place! Haha I was gonna say, those are some intense clouds.

  3. Busy but good thanks :) You??