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Gent - Quirky Things

het seksuele leven van zorro, la vie sexuelle zorro,
While I stayed in Gent I came across some quirky things. Let's see what I found!

Queen of England, Einstein waving puppet,
graffitistraatje Gent, graffiti straat Gent, Graffiti gent,
Dulle Griet, Dulle Griet Gent, Dulle Griet kanon
Dulle Griet
love lock
One of many to come I presume. The bridge at Graslei/Korenlei.

tolhuisje taverne, tolhuisje gent, tolhuisje gent pikachu, gent pikachu graffiti
Lion of Gent
Jonas Sofie Muller, Gentse kunstenares Sofie Muller
This bronze guy is called Jonas. He is made by the artist Sofie Muller from Gent.

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  1. Thanks for taking us around with you! Jonas sure looks... intriguing? :)

  2. No problem, you guys make me smile, so I am more than happy to do it!

    I know right, I saw it and I was like "What the?", luckily I could find his name online, because there wasn't anything near Jonas itself (information or a sign etc)