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Teylers Museum (Part 2)

Eerste Schilderijenzaal, Eerste Schilderijenzaal Teylers museum, paintings gallery I teylers,
Eerste Schilderijenzaal - Paintings Gallery I (1838)

If you missed part one about the Oval Room, click here!

I really liked this painting, for some reason it reminded me of the Studio Ghibli movies. It was very detailed and rich. On the right side (bottom) you can see the artist himself waving his hand.

Tweede Schilderijenzaal, Tweede Schilderijenzaal teylers museum, Paintings Gallery II, Paintings Gallery II Teylers
Tweede Schilderijenzaal - Paintings Gallery II in 1892

paintings gallery II Teylers museum, old painint of ships
Tweede Schilderijenzaal bank,
exhibition gallery lions
The Exhibition gallery. I really like the lions. 

oldest floorheating in the Netherlands, oudste vloer verwarming in nederland, vloerverwarming in nederland, vloerverwarming teylers museum,
The oldest floor heating in the Netherlands!

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