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Teylers Museum - Oval Room (Part 1)

 Ovale Zaal Teylers Museum, Teylers Museum oval room,
Welcome in the Oval room (1784) at the Teylers Museum in Haarlem. Last Saturday I visited the museum and of course I will share some picture with you! :] Read on for more pictures and details of the Teylers Museum.

Teylers Museum round room
The Oval Room was opened in 1784. The "art and book room", behind Teyler's residence, was designed for research and study. The showcase in the centre displays a mineralogical collection from the 18th century and the showcases around hold 19th-century scientific instruments.

Pieter Teyler van der Hulst, Pieter Teylers Museum
Pieter Teyler van der Hulst (25 March 1702 - 8 April 1778) was a wealthy Dutch merchant and banker. When he died, he left a legacy of two million florins ( roughly 80 million euro's today) behind. This was used to the persuit of religion, arts and science in his hometown, that led to the formation of Teyler's Museum. 

Teylers Museum, Concave mirror on stand 18th century, holle spiegel op voet 18de eeuw
"Concave mirror on stand, 3/4 18th century. The mirror-glass has a diameter of 450mm and a radius of curvature of 1000mm. It can be used for general optical demonstrations in addition to serving as a burning mirror. The stand is made with the tripod and decoractively turned pillar characteristics of the 18th century."
mirrors at the teylers museum
ancre clock at teylers museum, ancre horloge klokje
Stay tuned for part two! :]


  1. Mooie ovale ruimte c:
    de antieken bijbehorenden zijn prachtig!

  2. Beautiful place, beautiful pictures. That mirror is gorgeous!

  3. So much character, what a great place *_*