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Running Injury Update

So it's been quite a while since I talked about running. It has been a while since I ran too. I think I have been doing fitness training for roughly 4 months now. And while it originally seemed to help, it now doesn't improve my shins anymore.

In fact, we seriously suspect it might be compartment syndrome. Pffff.. I'm going to see a sport physician (hopefully soon) to see if he suspects it too. If so, a referral will be send to SportMax, which is specialized in these type of injuries.

If they find the referral to be worthy, you are invited for a pressure test. In that test, they will stick needles in your leg, measure the resting pressure, let you run, and do the test again. Yikes. Can’t wait.

And if they find out that the pressure is too high, a surgery is an option, of which I can’t give you much information about now, because I don’t know much about it either. I mean, I googled, watched video’s (bad idea), but that doesn’t necessarily have to be my situation as well.

As much as I just want to skip all this, I mean, who likes needles in their legs? (They said you need to take somebody with you if you come by car, because you can’t drive back yourself! After one day, you can use your leggs normal again.). I also want to know where exactly I am at. Do I have it or not? If not, what then? Is surgery an option? It is bad timing though, because I’m currently at my internship and these test (and surgery) will cost me time and free days!

Because, after yet another year of no running, I just had it with this sh*t, and I just want to go back to running. So… Hopefully I can update you soon!


  1. Thank you for your kind words Charlotte!

  2. Ohh man that's tough. Hope you at least get some answers and everyone can find a way to get you back running!