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Running - Injury update

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So, last week I went to see a sports doctor, because it is still not getting any better. I have a referral for a "pressure test" at the SportMax (MMC, Veldhoven). In May I will under go the test, and even though I really am not looking forward to doing it (I mean, it's going to hurt), I already wish it was May. I just want to get it over with (and perhaps follow up with a surgery), recover well and get back to running.

Meanwhile, since my legs are constantly annoyed, I am working on push ups, planking, and why not, standing on my hands! When I was a kid I wasn't able to do one, (also never really tried because I was scared of falling/face plant the earth). And now, I am slowly trying to do on! I need some help though. I start in a push up pose and then the trainer helps me up. (I just have to stay very straight and tense my muscles.) It's awesome! (And tough!) It's a nice break from doing squads and before it is May I can stand on my hands. And you know what my trainer said? "Well, if you can't walk on your feet in May, atleast you can walk on your hands." x]

All puns aside, the trainer was just joking and he is really nice and a good motivator, who also really tries to help you out.

Until next running update in May!


  1. At least you will get strong arms! I haven't stood on my hands since I was a little girl. I would be terrified to do it now! I really hope you'll be able to get back to running soon. Wishing you all the best!

  2. I will be super(wo)man after 4 weeks from now :p
    Well, actually 3 weeks, because I miss one week due to Easter and a trip for my internship!

    Thanks again Charlotte, it's always nice to read your supportive comments! :]