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The Dunes

Two weeks ago when the weather was better than the rainy days we have now, we went for a walk at the beach and I decided to take a detour in the dunes.

Duinen van Egmond, Zwartendijk Egmond aan zee,
I'd say not bad for handheld panorama's!

This last one is my favourite, it looks like he's smoking!

I really like to out for a walk in the weekends. Since I started my internship I spent 40 hours a week behind a computer screen writing my research and thesis. I don't like sitting that much, so a walk with some sun and a nice breeze is perfect to get moving and clear your mind!

What's your favourite thing to do after working a week?


  1. Beautiful pictures!
    The panorama's one are good c:
    I think my favorite thing after working is: eat haha and
    knitting and doing other crafty things and such

  2. Gorgeous photos! I love dunes.
    I desperately need some outdoors time too. Not enough were had this winter. Looking forward to get out of the house more!

  3. Oh wow what's that big building? It looks like something from a movie haha.

  4. I had to Google that for you, but it's a colonial home, called "Zwartendijk" (Black Dam). It has quite a history, but apparently it's rented now for € 1.950 a month!