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Ballet - Swan Lake (Het Zwanenmeer)

Het zwanenmeer theater de vest
On the first day of Christmas me and my dad went to the Swan Lake ballet. It was in a local theatre so the performers had to adapt to a much smaller stage. But nevertheless, they did very well. I had never been to a ballet and I was quite curious to find out if I'd like it, or perhaps not at all. I wasn't allowed to take pictures, so these few sneaky shots from my phone have to do! Read on for more!

The theatre was fully booked!

swan lake
swan lake all the swans, de zwanen van het zwanenmeer
swan lake celebrations, het zwanenmeer de viering,
swan lake the black swan, de zwarte zwaan het zwanenmeer, Von Rotbart and the black swan
evil wizard swan lake, zwanenmeer Von Rotbart, Von Rotbart
There are actually several variations to the ending of Swan Lake. We had a happy version were true love conquered the evil wizard. (Probably because there were a lot of kids in the audience too.)
Overall, I liked the show, but sometimes I felt they could have skipped a dance or two. For example, when they celebrated the prince return, we had 6 groups of dancers. I could have done with 3 or something. I would go again though, perhaps not the Swan Lake, but definitely the other classic performances!

Have you ever been to a ballet? Which show was it and did you like it?

Best wishes for 2015 too!


  1. How lovely! I used to take ballet classes when I was young and I would love to take some now (even though I am now an adult!), but there aren't any in my town. You're good at taking sneaky pictures. )

  2. Looks interesting! I have never been to a ballet or taken ballet so I have no idea about it. Happy new year!

  3. You should give it a go! :]

    Happy new year to you too!

  4. That's a shame Charlotte! Perhaps eventually a ballet school will come to town?

    Thanks ;]