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An Afternoon at the Beach

An a very sunny afternoon I spent a day at the beach, it was cold, but luckily the sun was shining!

It almost looks like the fisherman is walking the dog!

He is fishing for small shell fish and the like.

I love the patterns!

A trash can covered in the dunes!

This is were all the water would go if it were too much, it can flood this little valley if needed.

The "lake" was frozen, but at some points very shallow. It was very satisfying to walk on it and hear the ice shatter under your feet, but without any risks of falling in!


  1. Gorgeous pictures! That first one would make the perfect desktop background. :)
    And that fisherman/dog optical illusion is really fun!

  2. Haha I thought the fisherman was walking the dog in that pic, took me a while to understand what was happening!

  3. Once in a lifetime shot I think :p

  4. i love that reflection shot!