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Chocolate Company Haul + 10% discount code (Dutch)

Chocolate Company Haul + 10% discount code
When I was in Maastricht and brought home a few chocolate spoons, I had also been given a discount code! (I have one for you guys too!). So I ordered some spoons, a mug and I thought I had ordered about 5 bombons, but I got a whole box! Damn!

I really like number 40 of this lot, the others were a little too sweet for me!

I also have a discount code for 10% off!

Dutchies: Met de code: CHCOYOTPO10, krijg je 10% korting! Vervaldatum: 2014-12-31, hier de link naar het bedrijf: Chocolate Company!


  1. Oehhh lekkerrr! En thanks for the code c: Xx

  2. Oh those are so fancy! I love the idea of the chocolate spoons.

  3. i want the chocolate!

  4. These are the best spoons I've tried :]