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Sights of Maastricht

panoramic of Maastricht, Basilica of Our Lady, Sint Jansker, Sint-Servaasbasiliek, panorama van Maastricht
St.-Janskerk, Sint Janskerk Maastricht, Basiliek van Onze-Lieve-Vrouw, Basilica of Our Lady, Maastricht
I spent two days in Maastricht with my friend, it was great! Read on for some fancy sights, food, funky art and the city walls!

coffee lovers Maastricht, hoge brug maastricht,
sandwich at coffee lovers maastricht
First stop after our 3 hour train ride + dropping off the bags at the hotel: Coffeelovers nr 1! (Near the "Hoge brug"). (If you have missed Coffeelovers nr 2, click here: Coffeelovers Dominicanen). We both ordered the same sandwich with cheese, tomato, bacon, chicken en lettuce.

'pugg said, coloured dog statues, coloured dogs maastricht, coloured bulldog,
We also found these coloured dogs near our hotel. We stayed in the Design Hotel, which was less than 5  minutes away from the train station. Great!

Sint Servaasbasiliek, Sint Servaasbasiliek at night, Sint Servaasbasiliek Maastricht
Sint Servaasbasiliek
We had dinner at "Il Bacaro" (Bar e cucina), my fried ordered a chicken dish and I had the spaghetti bolognese, which was great. We finished with homemade dessert, lemon ice and chocolate mousse. Yum! Together with two drinks (water/soft drink) we paid € 30,-. It was a small place to eat but the atmosphere was really nice. Will go again!

After the dinner we went to the cinema to watch Dracula Untold. We found some more cute shops and a guy who looks like he's sitting on a vespa due to the reflection in the window.

Stadhuis van Maastricht, sights of maastricht, City Hall Maastricht
The next morning we did some more shopping and sightseeing. We came accross the City hall of Maastricht, as well as these coloured dog and snake.

coloured snake, coloured dog, coloured snake at maastricht, gebeten slang maastricht, Niloc Pagen Swimming snake,
stadsmuur maastricht, helpoort maastricht,
stadsmuur maastricht
We ended our afternoon with a walk alongside (and up) the old city walls and the Hellgate of Maastricht. The weather was also great these two days, as we only had some rain during the first night.

Have you ever visited Maastricht?


  1. Ik wil echt een keertje naar Maastricht!
    It sure looks like a wonderful city c:
    Lovelove the colored doggies and I
    can't wait to see pictures from the
    hotel you've stayed! Xx

  2. Haha! The photo of the man in the vespa is fantastic.

  3. omg i love that painted french bull dog. so cute and colorful :)

  4. I don't really have amazing shots of the hotel, more to show the folks at home what it was like!
    But, here is the link Hampshire Designhotel, and we had a timeless basic room. :]

  5. It was an epic snapshot, and I hurriedly ran away too :p
    I hope he thought I was taking a picture of the Vespa, not of him!

  6. What wonderful pictures! I want a huge sandwich with bacon, cheese, chicken and tomatoes too

  7. That SANDWICH! And these DOGS!
    Lovely pictures, as always. I love discovering architecture through your eyes/lense. :)

  8. Thank you Charlotte, that means a lot to me :]