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Running High - Elle of KeepitsimpElle

For those who don't know you, could you give a short introduction of yourself and your blog?
I’m Elle, a Personal Trainer and Blogger in London, UK. I started my blog a couple years ago as another way to connect with my clients and those who share my passion for health & fitness!

When did you start running?
I’ve been running since I was a child! I was a sprinter when I was young then I fell out of fitness. I began running again around age 22 but I only ever ran indoors, on the treadmill. One day I signed up for a 10km and realised I had to train outdoors to ensure I was fully prepared. I’ve to looked back since.

You said you run with a run club. What’s it like?
I colead a run club every Wednesday evening. I founded the club as a way to bring together some of the running community and also to ensure that I actually continued running each and every week! I love the social side of things and now it’s getting darker in the evenings I can still run as I have company. It’s also a great place to hear about everyone else experiences and running stories.

Why did you decide to run with a club?
For the social side and the accountability. I also find running in a group encourages you to run a little faster at times. We all have our natural, in the groove pace but when you run with someone who may be a little faster, you just do it, half the time not realising! Then you really what you are capable of!

You offer classes and work with Nike/Lululemon, how did you get there to work with big brands?
I’ve found that I have fallen into working with brands that I can align with on their values. With Nike, they started their Nike Training Club programme for women to address the gap between male and female participation in sport and exercise. At the time, I was one of the statistics - I was very inactive in comparison to when I was at school so I fully understood what these women were going through. The NTC programme has made fitness accessible over the years its been around and working with women has become a huge passion of mine!
As for lululemon, again, I just fell into that too! I then loved how their company values were so much like my own values in terms of visions, goals and living a life that I love.
I appreciate each and every brand for what they offer consumers but I only ever work with brands that I a aligned with - this goes for my blogging too!

Did you always know you wanted to do something with sports?
Kind of! I was always sporty in school, but I loved science and the arts too. I kept the arts to my spare time when I was in school then combined sports and science to carve a career out of!

What’s the best part about teaching?
I love watching people progress. It’s inspiring the effort people put in, and motivates me to work my hardest too. When you see the changes people experience too from their efforts, it’s truly rewarding.

What is the best advice you can offer to someone who is not very motivated?
The feeling you get post workout / walk / run / class far outweighs how you feel contemplating doing something! If you really want results, you have to put some work in and no one else can do it for you!

You must be quite active and fit, what is your favourite sport to do?
I don’t have a favourite at all! Currently, I’m enjoying taking part in crossfit, cycling and running. I also love yoga, reformer pilates and winter activities such as ice skating / skiing.

If you have an off day (if you have any), what makes you get up and get going anyway?
The fact that I know I will feel so much better afterwards. There’s nothing like a good seat session to clear your mind and get you focused again! It’s fills me with energy and I think “what off day?!”

You mentioned that you would like to chase PB’s but you’re not sure if you have to commit 100% to running to be able to do that. Why is that? Is that because crossfit and other training alongside running is better for you than just running?
I just like to have variety to ensure I don’t get bored or used to a workout where you then see no results. I want to have a life balance too - I don’t want to be known for being down the gym. I want to see friends, go to the theatre and enjoy an evening in front of the TV too!

And you probably saw this question coming, what was the best race or the race you’re looking forward to most?
The London Duathlon which I did in September was just amazing! I enjoyed it from start to finished and it really made me realise how much more enjoyable events are when you have trained! I’ve done a couple of half marathons without training and they’ve not been the best experiences!

Any tips for starters?
Experiment! Get out there, drag a friend along and find what you enjoy most!

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    Also, these are the times when I wish I lived in London. One day, maybe! :)