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Markthal Rotterdam

Markthal Rotterdam plafond, ceiling rotterdam markthal
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Since I had an appointment in Rotterdam, I thought, well why won't I visit the Markthal Rotterdam? And let me tell you, it was huge, crowded and awesome! Read on and see more pictures :]

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These greengrocer had lovely smoothies!

baby pineapple
Poor guys, always waiting ;]
Downstairs was a Gall & Gall & Albert Heijn for your daily needs. (To keep the budget in balance, because the Markthal itself isn't cheap. So you might get your patatoes and vegatables at the supermarket, and buy some nice meat at the Markthal itself.)

All kind of dried up saussages.

The famous "Zeewse Bolus". Going to try those next time!

 A lot of places where you could sit down and eat, from Turkish, Asian, Dutch etc.. You name it, they got it.

This "glamour chocolate" (I am serious!) costs € 16,-!!

I tried these "Appelkanjer" from Van Beek & Specker! They are nice, only the top is not my favourite, then I prefer the normal apple turnover.

The ceiling is really great. There are apartments above the hall, so if you want to live near a food court, it might be your thing!


  1. Ever since I saw it on your blog I had to go!
    Thank you very much! :D

    And I agree with you on the lack of benches troughout the Markthal. Je kan wel boven zo'n stalletje zitten maar dat is dan met consumptie en sommige stalletjes hebben helemaal geen plek. :(
    Das wel jammer

  2. The ceiling is amazing! What a nice market!
    Also, curious about those "Zeewse Bolus"? What are they? :)

  3. It's a type of sweet pastry! And if you buy really good ones, they are absolutely lovely! (Otherwise... not so much): :]