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Geisha - Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde

Geisha model, Geisha dol, Geisha pop, Volkenkunde Geisha
Picture of geisha walking in the street, geisha walking, geisha lopend in de straat
My friend and I visited the Geisha exhibition in Leiden, at the museum of Volkenkunde. Read on for more pictures and information!

Geisha Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde Leiden
Kimono van een Geisha, zwarte kimono, black kimono, kimono from a Geisha
All the kimono are beautifully decorated, and heavy too. Depending weither the person wearing it is a Geisha/Geiko or a Maiko (in training), the sleeves vary in lenght, the patterns are different and the obi is different too (also tied differently).

bamboe paraplu, bamboo umbrella, umbrella geisha, geisha paraplu
These are two bamboo umbrella's and in the reflection you can see several other kimono.

Fancy hair decorations and very fancy fans.

This installation showed a geisha during various times of the day.

The lower kimono is one of a maiko, the pattern is less complicated and the obi is different too. The top kimono is on of a geisha/geiko.

Maiko enjoying their tea time.

The details on some of the fabrics are pretty rad!

And last but not least, this was one of the hallways, it looked really pretty.

When: 10 Oktober 2014 till 6 April 2015
Where: Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde, Leiden
Site: Geisha Volkenkunde
Costs: € 12,- Adult/ Student € 6,- (not studying in Leiden)

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