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China Light Utrecht

Welkomstpoort China Light, Main Entrace gate China Light
China Light Dragon, Chinese Dragon, China Light Chinese Dragon
I visited China Light in Utrecht, on a nice friday evening. When I arrived, they were busy with the opening, so I even saw all the lights coming on!
If you want to see all the lovely panda's, the Lion King, a might Chinese Dragon and much more of the China Light, read further!

China Light
China Light Chinese Noodle
China Light Birds Paradise, China Light Vogelparadijs
China Light Birds Paradise
The birds paradise was filled with all kinds of lovely birds! 

China Light Dierenrijk, China Light Animal World, China Light zebra
China Light Disney, China Light hyena, China Light Lion King
They even had the hyena's from the Lion King!

China Light Pandaparadijs, China Light Panda Paradise
China Light Pandaparadijs, China Light Panda Paradise, Panda on a swing
Panda's are adorable! Especially the one on the swing!

China Light Pandaparadijs, China Light Panda Paradise, Panda in bamboo
China Light Chinese Draak, China Light Dragon
One mighty dragon which spew water (yeah, sadly no fire :[ )

China Light Fancy Flowers, China Light Mooie Bloemen,
China Light Insecten, China Light Insects,
China Light Ladybug, China Light Lieveheersbeestje
These last ones are from the lovely flowers and insects theme!

I paid € 8,- (minus transaction costs) for an electronic ticket. This was the first evening, China Light Utrecht will be open for visits till January the 4th. The first evening was somewhat busy, with lots of people photographing. I saw a lot of couples too, so perhaps a nice idea for a date?
There was also an installation of the, what I've named, the Chinese version of Manneke Pis.
If you live in the area, it's definitely worth a visit!
The website: China Light Utrecht


  1. Mooi! Dit was ook paar jaar terug in Rotterdam te zien c:

  2. Gorgeous! I went to the Chinese Lantern Festival at the Montreal Botanical Garden two years ago, I also had a lot of fun taking photos there. That pitch black background and the lovely light colours coming out of it are so special!

    And that dragon is impressive. :)

  3. these are splendid! love the lights and the characters!

  4. That must have been impressive too! Have you got any pictures of it? :]

  5. I do, but they're not on the blog unfortunately! :)

  6. Please let me know if you put them online :)